Steam Winter Sale 2023

Message from ValveDec 21, 2023

The Steam Winter Sale has officially begun, with deals on games from all over the world through January 4th at 10am Pacific.

Claim a free sticker for each day you visit the sale, simply by visiting any category page.

And while you're here, check out the finalists (from your nominations!) for this year's Steam Awards, and score a sticker for each category you cast your vote in. Read the list of nominees and vote right here on the Steam Awards page.

The Steam Award Categories are:
- Game of the Year
- VR Game of the Year
- Labor of Love
- NEW: Best Game on Steam Deck
- Better with Friends
- Most Innovative Gameplay
- Outstanding Story-Rich Game
- Best Game You Suck At
- Outstanding Visual Style
- Best Soundtrack
- Sit Back and Relax

Have fun!

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Winter Sale 2023 Deals

Steam Winter Sale 2023 Spotlight Image

Steam Winter Sale 2023 has begun from December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024

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Every year, Steam runs a number of special sales. During a Sale, the storefront home page changes completely and showcases the deals of the day, along with other discounts. Sales are often accompanied by events, trading cards and tasks to be completed.